Cavaceppi studium

End of 18th century
Material and technique: 
Marble of Carrara
Near to Casino dei Principi of Villa Torlonia
MCN 18

The head of this marble bust is a replica of the Portrait of Emperor Hadrian (117–38 AD) in the Emperors’ Room in the Capitoline Museums that dates from the early years of his reign.
The bust, however, belonged to the group of sculptures purchased by Pope Clement XII in 1734 and restored by Napollioni, the master of Bartolomeo Cavaceppi, who may have made either the copy or taken the cast.
In the Torlonia replica, the head is inclined differently to the original model, and the bust itself reveals a typically Baroque paludamento.
Cavaceppi specialised very successfully in imperial portraiture and received many commissions from various areas of Europe.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Secondo vestibolo

The room next to the entrance is symmetrical to the one on the left side and very similar in appearance: it is lined with stucco marble in imitation of ancient yellow marble and has a coffered ceiling decorated with stucco rosettes and acanthus leaves.

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