Bartolomeo Cavaceppi (Rome 1717 - 1799)

Material and technique: 
massima alt. 51 cm larg. 20 cm sp. 20 cm

The plaster satyr comes from the Cavaceppi workshop.
The statue is missing the head, left forearm, calf, and much of the left foot. It shows a satyr advancing with dignity, carrying a goatskin on his left shoulder and a thyrsus in his right hand. His right leg rests on a richly decorated plaster projection.
This was a cast taken from a marble statuette in Villa Albani. Stylistically it is linked to the dancing satyrs of the Hellenistic world, a typology that came into existence in the second half of the second century BC, and associated by its refined smoothness to the Neo-Attic creations of the first century BC.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Camera di Psiche

Opposite the “Berceau” Room is the Psyche Room, named for the paintings in the vault by Pietro Paoletti that tell the Story of Psyche.
The cycle was inspired by the frescoes in the Farnesina painted by Raphael, as is often the case in the houses of the nobility.

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