The swallows


Laboratorio Picchiarini

c. 1914
Material and technique: 
Vetro colorescente, vetro opalescente, vetro antico di Germania soffiato a bocca e leggera applicazione di grisaglia
alt. 118.5 cm larg. 160 cm
Casina delle Civette
M CC 152 a b c d

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Stanza delle rondini

Across a narrow passage with a curious gallery closed by spiralled glass, lies the last room in the house. It was added to the building by Vincenze Fasolo in 1918-19 during the last phase of the enlargement.

The room originally had a ceiling painted with swallows in flight, but no trace of it now remains. However the theme of swallows is still present in the fine glass and the stucco work.

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