The Room of the Clover

This room takes its name from the clover motif recurrent in its decoration. The shallow stucco of the ceiling shows a pattern of clover fronds woven together, as does that which frames the spacious alcove, designed, according to the sources, to hold a couch covered in purple velvet.

The floor design takes up the same motif, depicting on tiles of marble agglomerate in turquoise and yellow-ochre.

Stanza dei trifogli

The windows contain two pieces of stained glass in a medieval style, showing the arms of the Torlonia family (roses and comets). The glass is made by a mixed method, using bottle bases with the details then painted in with flame.

The only surviving piece of furnishing in the room is the fine marble fireplace, a nineteenth century copy of a renaissance model with decorations in the grotesque style. It probably came originally from another building and was moved to its current position at the beginning of the century.

Displayed in the room is “Wings and Flames”, a piece of stained glass made by Paolo Paschetto, an interestingly stylised interpretation of biblical themes.
The Room of the Clover and the adjoining room also hold a series of preparatory sketches for the stained glass of the Waldesian Church in Piazza Cavour in Rome. These also are the work of Paolo Paschetto.

Paolo Paschetto, Ali e fiamme
Stained window

Paolo Paschetto

c. 1927