Tour Virtuale dei Musei di Villa Torlonia

Tour Virtuale dei Musei di Villa Torlonia

The fully interactive and multimedia Virtual Tour is developed with Immersive Virtual Reality technology and is created by using photographic processing and editing techniques. The tour allows you to visit the museum by walking virtually inside the rooms. Thanks to the movement of the mouse, it is possible to rotate 360 °, up and down and zoom in to approach the different elements present in the rooms: sculptures, paintings, architectural details, coverings, ceilings, and floors.

The Virtual Tour is made in very high resolution and can also be used in full screen mode.

Each room is equipped with a multimedia section containing the photo gallery, the audio guide and the video describing the environment.

It is possible to use the interactive maps that locate the hotspots, the drop-down menu at the top left side, or to click on the arrows positioned inside the rooms, to move around the Museum.
All the contents of the Virtual Tour have been indicated by the Museum Management to enrich the user’s experience while browsing.

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