Peonie gialle e rondini

Duilio Cambellotti, Peonie gialle e rondini

Duilio Cambellotti

1920 post
Material and technique: 
Inchiostro di china e acquerello su carta
alt. 280 mm larg. 175 mm
Collezione Vetrate d’Arte Giuliani, Roma
MCC 42

Cartone per vetrata.
Piante/fiori: peonie, animali/uccelli: rondini

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Stanza del chiodo

This room takes its name from the large piece of stained glass in the form of a nail, made by Duilio Cambellotti and elaborately decorated with vine leaves and bunches of grapes.
The motif is repeated in the delicate monochrome work in stucco which emphasises the panels of the ceiling and in the tondo at its centre, from which a chandelier of wrought iron originally hung.

The room was used as a studio by the Prince, but its furniture has been lost.

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