Bartolomeo Cavaceppi (Rome 1717-1799)

Material and technique: 
Marble of Carrara
massima alt. 187 cm larg. 48 cm prof. 50 cm
From Palazzo Torlonia in Piazza Venezia, after at the entrance of Villa Torlonia
MCN 12

The second-century faun, reproduced in the marble Torlonia copy, belonged to the core of the Capitoline Collection purchased by Pope Clement XII in 1754.
That, in turn, was a copy of a late-Hellenistic bronze from Micro-Asia.
Restoration of the Capitoline Collection was the responsibility of the Cavaceppi master, Carlo Antonio Napollioni, and it may have been Cavaceppi himself who made the moulds of the faun and the Torlonia copy.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Primo vestibolo

On the left of the entrance there is a simple room lined with "marble" in imitation of "coral breccia", with coffered ceilings decorated entirely with splendid, partially gilded stuccoes of putti, volutes and rosettes.
The room contains several sculptures from the Torlonia Collection that fortunately have remained in the Villa.

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