The fairy

La fata

Duilio Cambellotti

Stained window
Material and technique: 
Vetri opalescenti, gemme (ovali, tonde, schegge). Tessitura a piombo di vario spessore
opera diam. 64 cm
Collezione Cambellotti, Roma
M CC 98

This is one of the eight pieces of stained glass which Cambellotti presented at the Second Exhibition of Stained Glass, held in Rome in 1921.
The extreme simplicity of the composition and the perfect agreement between image and colour, achieved through the elimination of any superfluous decorative elements, is characteristic of the works which were shown at the First International Exhibition of the Decorative Arts, held in Monza in 1925.
The richness of the composition stems from the choice of glass for the background and the embodiment of the female figure, accentuated by the brilliance of the cabochons, in tones of blues, grey and ivory.
The glass work, made by Cambellotti in 1917, has supple and flowing lines, which demonstrate the virtuoso Picchiarini technique and reflect the grace of the female figure, reclining on a bed gleaming with gems and cabochons.
A preparatory cartoon in tempera and pencil and a small pencil sketch, both for this piece, survive.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Stanze della torretta

These two rooms, set next to the medieval style brick tower, do not have any remarkable decoration, except for some simple stucco work of stylised ribbons.

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