The Death of Priam

Morte di Priamo

Antonio Canova (Possagno 1757 - Venice 1822)

Material and technique: 
massima alt. 120 cm larg. 82,5 cm prof. 4,5 cm
Ball room of Palazzo of Villa Torlonia
MCN 25

This relief shows the last moments of the life of Priam, king of Troy, but depicts only the central scene of the original relief in which other figures were seen on either side.
The cruel act of Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles, who is about to kill the venerable old man after having grabbed him by the hair, is the focal point of the scene and is emphasised by vertical and oblique lines that list towards the left to accentuate the confusion caused by such a heinous and violent deed.
From a stylistic standpoint, there are similarities with sculpture of the fifteenth century, the painting of Gavino Hamilton, and Greek vases.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Stanza a "Berceau"

The “Berceau” Room takes its name from the decorative motif on the vault that simulates a pergola
At the centre there used to be a panel, painted by Domenico Del Frate, of putti fluttering around the Torlonia coat of arms. The walls were once decorated with views by Giovan Battista Caretti, but they have all been lost.

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