The Summer

Vincenzo Fasolo (attr.), L'Estate. Spighe di grano, papaveri e falce

Vincenzo Fasolo (attr.)

Stained window
Material and technique: 
Vetro antico, vetro opalescente, pittura su vetro cotta a gran fuoco, piombi di vari spessori saldati e stuccati da ambo i lati provenienza
alt. 104 cm larg. 80 cm
Casina delle Civette
M CC 159

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Scala delle 4 stagioni

The staircase, which runs against the building and leads outside, has stained glass depicting lively subjects in its walls and skylights.

The sequence on the walls follows the theme of the four seasons: Spring, Summer and Autumn follow one after the other. Winter, however, is missing, as the work was unfortunately lost, and the image of Spring is not the original, but a copy made by the Giuliani Glass Works in 1997, based on the sketches which have survived and are on display in the corridor opposite the staircase.

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