The Guests’ Bathroom

The second bathroom in the house is smaller than the Prince’s, but no less decorative.
Indeed, the small room was entirely covered with fine majolica work, depicting cascades of bunched of yellow grapes at the high up the walls and an elegant Art Deco design in the bottom strip of the walls.

The main attraction of the bathroom is the set of three pieces of stained glass in the loggia.
The central piece shows the scene of a lake with a white swan at its centre, while the two at the side continue the theme with floral decoration of irises and water lilies.

Bagno degli ospiti

Their attribution is problematic: it is not easy to assign them to Picchiarini since he strongly criticised the Liberty style, with its misuse of the iris motif, which is exactly what we have here.

However, even if they cannot securely be attributed to any of the creators of the other pieces of stained glass in the house, they are part of the original decorative scheme and are an important original source for understanding the extent to which stained glass achieved success and diffusion in the first decade of the century.

Lago con cigno
Stained window

Laboratorio Picchiarini

c. 1914
Fiori di palude e iris

Laboratorio Picchiarini, 1914 and Vetrate d’arte Giuliani, 1997

c. 1914 e 1997